ICAR Personnel Management System

Executive Record Sheet
NameDr. Pramod Tiwari
ERP ID008498
Present DesignationPr. Scientist
Cadre TypeScientist (incl. SS (CAS), PS (CAS))
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)05/20/1969
State of DomicileJharkhand
Mother TongueHindi
Email Addressptiwary70@yahoo.co.in
Educational Qualifications (From Graduation Onwards)
DegreeFromToInstitutionThesis Title (If any)
Bachelor of Technology03/Sep/199015/May/1995Rajendra Agricultural University ,BiharInstallation and Evaluation of Jet Pumps
Master of technology10/Oct/199520/May/1998Rajendra Agricultural University ,BiharDesign, Installation and Performance Evaluation of Drip Irrigation Systems for Horticultural Crops
Ph.D, M.Tech in Ag. Engg.24/Jul/200627/Nov/2012Indian Institute of Technology KharagpurDevelopment and Evaluation of Decision Support System for Integrated Water Resources Management
History of Posting
S.No.DesignationName of Institute/ OrganizationOrganization /Posting TypeFromTo
1 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 24-Mar-200910-Aug-2016
2 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 11-Aug-201612-Aug-2016
3 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 13-Aug-201631-Aug-2016
4 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 01-Sep-201603-Oct-2016
5 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 04-Oct-201628-Feb-2017
6 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 01-Mar-201731-May-2017
7 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 01-Jun-201731-Dec-2017
8 Senior Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 01-Jan-201828-Feb-2018
9 Principal Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 01-Mar-201831-Mar-2018
10 Scientist SG.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 01-Apr-201826-Nov-2019
11 Principal Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 27-Nov-201905-May-2022
12 Principal Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 06-May-202208-Sep-2022
13 Principal Scientist.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 09-Sep-202215-Mar-2023
14 Head of Division.National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning,NBSSLUP (MI), Nagpur 16-Mar-2023 
Training Details
Program NameCountryVenueFromToProgram Organized by
Information Technology in Agriculture.INICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad6/12/2002 12:00:00 AM7/2/2002 12:00:00 AM 
ArcGIS 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst and Arc Networks.INICAR-NBSS&LUP, Nagpur10/7/2002 12:00:00 AM10/20/2002 12:00:00 AM 
Pressurised Irrigation Systems.INICAR Research Complex for Easter Region, Patna2/17/2003 12:00:00 AM2/26/2003 12:00:00 AM 
Decision Support Systems in Agriculture using Quantitative Techniques.INICAR-NIAP, New Delhi8/2/2013 12:00:00 AM8/22/2013 12:00:00 AM 
Geoinformatics in Natural Resource Management.AUSchool of Land and Food, University of Tasmania, Hobart3/1/2014 12:00:00 AM3/29/2014 12:00:00 AM 
Technical Article
S.No.YearTitle of PublicationName of PublisherCitation
12012Resource Inventory of Khamaria Seeds Farm in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh for Borlaug Institute of South Asia (BISA)Technical Report No. 1040, NBSS&LUP, Nagpur 
22010Soil Resource Information of Different Agro-ecological subregions of India for Soil Carbon and Crop ModellingSpecial Publication for ICAR Network Project on Climate Change, national Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, Nagpur, Maharashtra 
Popular Articles
S.No.YearTitle of PublicationName of PublisherCitationISBN Number
12016Soil information system: web-based solution for agricultural land-use planningCurrent Science  
22016Soil quality index (SQI) as a tool to evaluate crop productivity in semi-arid Deccan plateau, IndiaGeoderma  
32015Pedometric mapping of soil organic carbon loss using soil erosion maps of Tripura.Current Science  
42015Walkley-Black recovery factor to reassess soil organic matter: Indo-Gangetic Plains and Black Soil Region of India case studies.Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis  
52015Agro-Eco Sub-Region Based Crop Planning in the Black Soil Regions and Indo-Gangetic Plains – Application of Soil Information SystemProc Indian Natn Sci Acad  
62015Evaluation of groundwater quality for irrigation suitability in Thimmajipet mandal, Mahabubnagar district.Andhra Pradesh J. Agril. Sci.  
72014Natural Resources of the Indo-Gangetic Plains : A Land Use Planning PerspectiveCurrent Science  
82014Web-GeoSIS as soil information technology: A conceptual frameworkAgropedology  
92014Processes determining the sequestration and maintenance of carbon in soils: A synthesis of research from tropical IndiaSoil Horizon  
102014Land evaluation for major crops in the Indo-Gangetic Plains and black soil regions using fuzzy modelCurrent Science  
112014Soil and land quality of the Indo-Gangetic Plains of IndiaCurrent Science  
122014Pedotransfer functions: A tool for estimating hydraulic properties of two major soil types of IndiaCurrent Science  
132014Development of SOTER database for major food growing regions of India for resource planningCurrent Science  
142014Is irrigation water causing degradation in black soils?Current Science  
152014INFOCROP simulation model – its validation for Bt cotton and its application for land quality assessment for cotton cultivationCurrent Science  
162013Soil Water Retention Characteristics of Black Soils of India and Pedotransfer Functions Using Different ApproachesJournal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering  
172013Evaluation of sustainability of rainfed cotton yield under conventional and integrated nutrient management practicesAgropedology  
182013Simulating soil organic carbon in high clay soils in India: DNDC model experienceClimate Change and Environmental Sustainability  
192013Issues and Strategies of Natural Resource Management and Land Use Planning in Semi-arid Regions of IndiaAnnals of Arid Zone  
202011Evaluation of RothC model using four long term fertilizer experiments in black soils, IndiaAgriculture, Ecosystems and Environment  
212010Validation and application of WOFOST model for yield gap analysis in selected soils of Maharashtra.Agropedology  
222007Effect of soil type and nitrogen levels on the productivity and crop water balance in rainfed diploid (Gossypium arboreum) cottonIndian Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
232007Productivity and nitrogen use efficiency parameters in cotton cultivars with varying N levels and soil types under rainfed conditionsActa agronomica Hungarica,  
242007Evaluation of INFOCROP-cotton model in some shrink- swell soils under rainfed conditionsAgropedology  
252007Evaluation of some cotton and soybean cropping systems in shallow soils of Nagpur District, MaharashtraAgropedology  
262006Development and Use of Sustainability Indicators in Cotton-wheat Production System of Northern IndiaJournal of Indian Society of Soil Science  
272005Influence of catenary soils on water use efficiency and yield of rainfed soybean in Vidarbha region.Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science  
282005Influence of organic farming system on soil properties-A case studyAgropedology  
292004GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Prioritization of River Sub-basins using Morphometric and USLE Parameters – A case studyAsian Journal of Geoinformatics  
302004Standardization of agronomic requirements for early maturing cotton cultivars on shallow, swell-shrink soilAgropedology  
312003Productivity trends in rainfed upland and tree cottonAgricultura Tropica et Subtropica  
Book Chapter
S.No.YearTitle of PublicationName of PublisherCitationISBN Number
12015Soil and Crop History in Dominant Agro-Ecosystems of The Indo-Gangetic Plains, India. In: M.V. Rao, V. Suresh Babu, Suman Chandra, G. Ravindra CharyCRC Press  
22014Prioritizing Areas for Soil Carbon Sequestration: A Step for Conservation Agriculture. In: J. Somasundaram, R.S. Chaudhary et al.New India Publishing Agency (NIPA), New Delhi, India  
32012Predicting Changes in Soil Carbon and Crop Yield due to Climate Change. In: Bhattacharyya, T., D.K. Pal, Dipak Sarkar, S.P. Wani (Eds), Climate ChangeStudium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi  
42010Decision Support System: Concept and Potential for Integrated Water Resources Management. In: M.K. Jha (editor), Natural and Anthropogenic DisastersCapital Publishing Company, New Delhi, India and Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands  
Patent, Copyright, Trademark etc.
S.No.TitleDetails/DescriptionCo-owners (if any)Any Other relevent information
1 GWARA: User-friendly software package for groundwater assessment and recharge analysis Jha, M.K., Pai, B.V. and Tiwary, P.L-34551/2009
Externally Funded Projects
Career Profile
Cadre NameDateMode of recruitment (CAS/DR)
Scientist18 Nov 1999DR
Scientist (sr scale)18 Nov 2005CAS
Scientist(sr grade)18 Nov 2010CAS
Sr. Scientist (9000)18 Nov 2013CAS
Pr. Scientist (10000)18 Nov 2016CAS
Five Major Contributions
S.No.Major Contribution
1 Development of a software for estimating soil moisture dynamics for shrink-swell soils
2 Pedotransfer functions for estimating saturated hydraulic conductivity for soils of the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP) and the Black Soil Region (BSR)
3 Contributed in developing Georeferenced Soil Information System (GeoSIS) was developed using information on soil physical and chemical properties of more than 800 soil profiles (point data) representing 38 agro-ecological sub-regions (AESRs) of Black Soil Region (BSR) with total geographical area of 76.4 mha, and 17 AESRs of Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP) with TGA of 52.01 mha.
4 Simulation of growth and yields of crops under climate change scenario and yield gap analysis using InfoCrop.
5 Modified methodology (Modified Riquier Method) for land evaluation